About Neel


photo (c) John Cairns

Dr Neel Burton is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and wine-lover who lives and teaches in Oxford, England.

His books have won several prizes and been translated into several languages. They include:

The Secret to Everything: How to Live More and Suffer Less
Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions
Hide and Seek: The Psychology of Self-Deception
Hypersanity: Thinking Beyond Thinking, and
The Meaning of Madness.

You can find Neel on Twitter and Facebook, and at www.neelburton.com.

4 thoughts on “About Neel

  1. Good Morning Neel,
    I discovered your work this morning. I am delighted with your approach, comprehensive understanding, and simple earthiness. I am at the last stages of training as a Jungian Analyst in Toronto, Canada. I work with those who are dying in a residential hospice and some women in the inner city in Hamilton, Ontario as well as having started a small practice as a candidate in training. I see depression, at times, helping people to prepare to die – this follows your sense of the “gift” of depression. I am captured by your approach – perhaps, because, I studied philosophy and theology for numerous years. Your approach as a psychiatrist is utterly refreshing. One day I would love to have a conversation. I believe in fantasy too!

    May you continue to succeed in all that you do. The world needs you.

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